A harmless-looking man moved to Montreal looking for a new start and to get off drugs. Somewhere along the line, his urge to prey on unsuspecting women, something he'd done and kept a secret for twenty years, became too much to keep inside. William Fyfe, aka "The Killer Handyman," snapped, leaving at least nine women brutally beaten, murdered and sexual abused (post-mortem).

If not for the diligent work of a criminal forensic specialist and her discovery of a single fingerprint, Fyfe may have continued to kill at will, keeping Montreal residents, particularly single middle-aged women, frightened and sequestered in their own homes.

The Killer Handyman: The True Story of Serial Killer William Patrick Fyfe

  • "I really enjoyed the read. It is a good book. I find it very disturbing in Canada there is only a 25 year sentence for committing 1 or 25 murders. Chris Swinney hit this out of the park. Captivating and graphic!" -Pamela K. Noble


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