Thanks for your interest in becoming an RJPP BetaReader! Beta readers receive Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) of upcoming titles for *FREE* in exchange for an honest review once the book is published. 

How does it work?

  • Each month we'll email you letting you know the upcoming titles. You let us know which ones you'd like to beta read and we'll send you the ARC in electronic format.

  • Have a read and tell us what you think of the book, noting any typos as you go. Please advise any typos or discrepancies you find.

  • Please post a review to your Facebook, your blog, Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere else that reviews can be found once the book is published. We prefer to have your review show as a 'verified purchase', so if you decide to purchase the book, we will reimburse you the cost of the book by means of a gift card. 

  • Send us a link to your review so we can share it with our authors and make a note that you'll be eligible for your next RJPP title!

Can anyone be an RJPP BetaReader?

Anyone residing in the US, Canada, UK or Australia, and of the legal age can be a beta reader. 

How much time do I have to post the review?

It is our preference that you post your review on the day that the book is published, however, we understand that everyone gets busy and life does get in the way. If you can't post on release day, then as soon as you possibly can would be great. Just note though that a second ARC will not be sent out until the first review is posted. 

Does the review have to be a certain length?

Not at all. Whatever it takes for you to explain what you thought of the book, if you enjoyed your reading experience and whatever is needed to do the book justice. 

Welcome to the team! 


 Have a read and tell us what you think of the book by posting a review to Facebook, your blog, Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere else that book


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