**WARNING** This book contains graphic forensic crime scene photos and statements that some may find very disturbing. 


Six bestselling true crime authors come together to present the SECOND ANNUAL "Serial Killers True Crime Anthology" which depicts thirteen horrific cases of serial homicide told in detail, and includes pictures. Each case will take the reader from the background of the serial killer, to the crime scene, investigation, trial, and sentencing.

This year we bring you more riveting and gruesome serial killers from around the world. Readers in CANADA will enjoy reading about 2 Canadian serial killers: Michael Wayne McGray (by RJ Parker) and David Russell Williams (by Kelly Banaski)

"The Babysitter Killer" by Katherine Ramsland
Michael Wayne McGray by RJ Parker
Dr. Michael Swango by Michael Newton
Col. David Williams by Kelly Banaski
Joanne Dennehy by Sylvia Perrini
Donna Perry by Katherine Ramsland
Dr. Harold Shipman by Michael Newton
Lonnie Franklin (Grim Sleeper) by RJ Parker
Rosemary West by Sylvia Perrini
Felipe Espinoza by RJ Parker
Donald Harvey by Michael Newton
Brian Dugan by Katherine Ramsland
Enriqueta Marti by Sylvia Perrini
Ninja Truck Driver Killer by Peter Vronsky

Serial Killers True Crime Anthology 2015

  • "As with Volume 1, Volume 2: Serial Killers True Crime Anthology is a welcome addition to the literature of true crime. Readers will be intrigued by old and new cases, elucidated by some of the most interesting writers in the business." - John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, MINDHUNTERS


    "True crime fans fascinated by serial killers will be thrilled by this collection of stories by some of the best crime writers in the business today. A perfect complement to the first volume." - Steve Jackson, New York Time bestselling author of BOGEYMAN and MONSTER


    "This book is a hard-hitting, pulse-pounding race across the landscape of murder, by some of the best true crime writers in the business today. If you love reading true crime, and anthologies, you must have Serial Killers: True Crime Anthology 2015 by RJ. Parker Publishing. Get ready to buckle up, my friend, and keep telling yourself 'it's only a book'" - Kevin M. Sullivan, bestselling true crime author of THE BUNDY MURDERS: A Comprehensive History and VAMPIRE: The Richard Chase Murders


    "Another smash hit from RJ Parker and his team of well-known true-crime writers. These true-crime authors KNOW their stuff. Readers who loved reading Volume 1 can now sink their teeth into many more gruesome and horrific stories pertaining to the mystical serial killers." - John Ferak, true crime author of bestselling, DIXIE'S LAST STAND


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