Rick and Lo try to protect a reality TV star better known for her selfie pictures on Twitter than her acting ability. She’s run afoul of a world class financier disrupting economies in countries, ordering deaths, and owning politicians everywhere. He thinks he’s above any law until he crosses Rick and Lo.

The clash between Cantelli-land and the Jorge Boros Empire draws out an old card from the deck in the person of Faruk Ezon, a world class assassin from the Madigan/Cantelli team’s old CIA days. With movie premiers, gangbangers, serial rapist problems, and a deadly threat from their Sana’a, Yemen embassy shootout, Rick and Lo are right back where they belong, locked and loaded.

Rick Cantelli, P.I. (Book 4) Shades of Death

  • Published: September 18, 2015

    Available in eBook & Paperback 

    ISBN: 978-1517345914

    Dimensions: 6" x 9" 

    Pages: 324


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