A Double Action Feature - Two NEW books under one cover. PLUS a FREE Kindle Book Included. It is recommended that you read the Rick Cantelli and Demon Series first.

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 6: Bloody Hell
Rick and Lois take on potential terrorists, gangsters, psychopathic killers, and everyday life in Cantelli-land. Everything changes when their protégé, Carl Santiago, becomes a political pawn in Tripoli, Libya. The Islamic State sends the Company one of Carl’s ears with no demands. CIA Assistant Director Van Carmichael knows who to call. Rick and Lo arrive in Tripoli to a trap, contrived by a treasonous Senator. The team of Madigan/Cantelli do not get trapped. They dispense violence to the shores of Tripoli in a devastating fashion the Islamic State never dreamed possible in Bloody Hell.

Demon Book 6: Dark Future
Demon, getting cabin fever from inaction, begins lashing out in humorous ways. His paranormal brother Mongo, comes to the rescue, with a new illusion provided by Mike: Baby Groot. Mike referees the usual paranormal battles while coping with new threats from a Radalia dimension of Haunt ancestors, kidnappings, and FBI threats of Middle Earth, Sauron, and the Orcs.

Novella Double Feature (BONUS) Rick Cantelli P.I. (Detective Series Book 6)

  • Published: March 28, 2017

    Available in eBook 

    Pages: 501


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