James Fairweather, 15, Britain's youngest serial killer would have continued to hunt random victims had it not been for an observant dog walker. Eerily, she was also Fairweather's third intended victim. Fueled by the grief of his grandmother's passing and anger from being picked on at school, Fairweather turned to violent video games, horror movies, and pornography to escape reality. Soon thereafter, he developed a deep passion for serial killers - becoming one dominated all of his thoughts. When asked by his school teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up, James replied, "A murderer." Fairweather, true to his word, struck twice before police apprehended him and put a stop to this teen-aged killer.

James Fairweather: The True Story of Great Britains Youngest Serial Killer

  • "This book really makes you wonder what was going on in this boys head. I love these books they are a quick read and you learn about killers you probably had never heard of. I only gave it 4 star's because the author tends to repeat himself often, and he gives his own theory often. He is an officer who has seen a lot I'm sure, but he is not a psychologist. I would recommend this book to a true crime reader though, you can form your own opinions on this young man and the rest of today's youth, just be ready for the graphic details." - Tammy Baker


    "James Fairweather was 15 when he killed 2 people. He stated that he heard voices that told him to kill. The voices got louder more aggressive stating violent things. People started calling him a freak and a weirdo because he was always talking to himself. When apprehended he confessed that he was planning to kill at least 15 more people. Fairweather was infatuated with other Serial Killers and he thought that he was a better Serial Killer than Peter Sutcliffe. It is possible that he were not caught he would have launched an attack at his school and killed his parents. The amount of excitement and joy that he obtained from takin someone's life should of scared anyone that was near him. He showed no remorse about what he had done. Chris Swinney adds his thought and experience as a Police Officer in his writing of this book which I love and enjoy, its not just a story. it enlightens the reader to the hurdles and things a Police Officer goes through in there day to day life in these situations. A great book for all True Crime Lovers and a must read!!!!!!" - Kathi Garcia


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