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CRIME Fiction and True CRIME

Principle Authors/Partners ~ Bernard Lee DeLeo and RJ Parker



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True Crime Books in Paperback edition by RJ Parker Publishing on sale starting October 27 for a limited time.

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Cold Blooded Killers

Regular Price $13.97 ON SALE ... $7.99 ($7.19 for Prime Members)

Social Media Monsters: Internet Killers

(New release October 11)

Regular Price $14.97 ON SALE ... $8.49 ($7.01 for Prime Members)

Parents Who Killed Their Children: Filicide

Regular Price $13.97 ON SALE ... $8.49 ($7.94 for Prime Members)

Missing Wives, Missing Lives

Regular Price $13.97 ON SALE ... $8.49 ($7.94 for Prime Members)

Serial Killers Abridged: An Encyclopedia of 100 Serial Killers

Regular Price $14.97 ON SALE ... $10.97 ($9.25 for Prime Members)

Serial Killers Case Files

Regular Price $14.97 ON SALE ... $11.49 ($10.34 for Prime Members)

Serial Killer Groupies

(Coming December 31)

Regular Price $13.97 ON SALE ... $9.97 ($8.97 for Prime Members)

The Vampire Next Door: The True Story of The Vampire Rapist

(New release October 18)

Regular Price $16.97 ON SALE ... $12.99 ($11.16 for Prime Members)

Top Cases of The FBI

(World Book Award Winner in True Crime 2012)

Regular Price $13.97 ON SALE ... $6.99 ($6.99 for Prime Members)

Backseat Tragedies: Hot Car Deaths

(Coming April 15, 2015)

Regular Price $17.97 ON SALE ... $17.97 ($10.35 for Prime Members)

2015 Serial Killers True Crime Anthology, Vol. II (Coming December 15)

Regular Price $16.97 ON SALE ... $11.95 ($11.35 for Prime Members)

2014 Serial Killers True Crime Anthology, Vol. I

Regular Price $16.66 ON SALE ... $11.69 ($10.52 for Prime Members)

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Under one Kindle eBook, and exclusive to Amazon, Murder by the Books is comprised of 3 bestselling true crime books. Each book is in the Top 100 in their respective categories.

  1. Serial Killers Abridged (Encyclopedia of 100 Serial Killers)
  2. Cold Blooded Killers
  3. Parents Who Killed Their Children: Filicide

      Serial Killers Abridged
      The ultimate reference for anyone compelled by the pathologies and twisted minds behind the most disturbing of homicidal monsters. From A to Z, starting with Ahmad Suradji and ending with Zhou Kehua, there are names you may not have heard of, but many you have, including, notorious names serial killers; John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgway, Aileen Wuornos, and Dennis Rader, just to name a few. This reference book will make a great collection for true crime enthusiasts.

      Cold Blooded Killers
      Cold Blooded Killers is a blood-curdling collection of some of the most famous and the least known multiple-murder cases including; school shootings, kids who killed their parent(s) and 'going postal' spree killers.

      Parents Who Killed Their Children: Filicide
      This collection of "Filicidal Killers" provides a gripping overview of how things can go horribly wrong in once-loving families. This book depicts ten of the most notorious and horrific cases of homicidal parental units out of control. People like--Andrea Yates, Diane Downs, Susan Smith, and Jeffrey MacDonald--who received a great deal of media attention. The author explores the reasons; from addiction to postpartum psychosis, insanity to altruism.

"These are 3 books that you will want to keep in your library to read and read again. Every day we are faced with the news of another serial killer or a senseless murder. If for no other reason, read these to stay aware of the dangers that face us, and to watch out for those that may not can watch out for themselves. There are many stories told in this collection, each one horrific. Mr. Parker is a no nonsense writer, he gives the facts (as hard as they are to read) in a straight forward manner. A great deal on this box set." -- Amazon Customer
"I love how these books are packed full of facts and details but also have that wonderfully descriptive quality of fiction that makes me lose myself in the story. Several of these stories have stuck with me and I find myself revisiting them time and again as well as sharing them with other readers. I heartily recommend not only for the content, but the economical price as well." -- Kelly Sons



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John Crutchley seemed to be living the American Dream. Good-looking and blessed with a genius level IQ, he had a prestigious, white-collar job at a prominent government defense contractor, where he held top secret security clearance and handled projects for NASA and the Pentagon. To all outward appearances, he was a hard-working, successful family man with a lavish new house, a devoted wife, and a healthy young son. But he concealed a hidden side of his personality, a dark secret tied to a hunger for blood and the overriding need to kill.

   As one of the most prolific serial killers in American history, Crutchley committed at least twelve murders, and possibly nearly three dozen. His IQ elipsed that of Ted Bundy, and his body count may have as well. While he stalked the streets hunting his unsuspecting victims, the residents of a quiet Florida town slept soundly, oblivious to the dark creature in their midst, unaware of the vampire next door.

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ORDER on Amazon now in eBook  Paperback  or Large Print Paperback editions. This book will also be available in Audiobook)

by JT Hunter

The Vampire Next Door - The True Story of the Vampire Rapist

Radio Comme




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Released SEPT 18, 2014

Social Media Monsters: Internet Killers is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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Who is really on the other end of that Facebook friend request, or behind that dating profile, or posting that item for sale on Craigslist? How can you be safe if you plan to meet up with a stranger you met online? What precautions should you take? 

In this book, we have detailed more than thirty chilling true stories of killers that have used the internet to locate, stalk, lure, or exploit their victims. Facebook, Craigslist, MySpace, chat rooms, dating sites–it does not matter where you are online; killers are lurking in the shadows. They lurk in suicide chat rooms, search for escorts on Craigslist, and create fake social media profiles to fool and gain the trust of their victims. Someone you have been talking to for months or even years could be a completely different person from what you envisioned. 







2015 Serial Killers True Crime Anthology, Volume 2
Our second annual Anthology
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Picture this: A mother parks her car in the parking lot of a supermarket and hops out to grab a few items. She ll only be gone a few minutes, so she leaves her baby in the backseat and cracks the front window. The child, too small to protest, doesn t even know what is happening. In a matter of minutes, the car begins to act like an oven. The lack of ventilation inside causes the temperature to increase twenty degrees for each ten minutes she is gone, even with a window slightly open. The child s cries remain unheard and fall silent once his body temperature reaches 107°F. How many infants and young children die each year due to the negligence of their parents? The answer is too many. No child deserves to die this way.

Our first reaction when we hear of another hot car death is to instinctively blame the parents. We think they must not be fit to be parents in the first place. Many are too obsessed with themselves that they forget what a selfless act it is to care for a child, while others just think of themselves as being too busy in their own lives than to worry about a child. But many incidents of hot car deaths are tragic accidents. It is difficult for many of us to comprehend, but parents can become distracted by today s on-the-go lifestyles and simply forget their child is in the backseat of the car.

    Backseat Tragedies: Hot Car Deaths explores the circumstances that led to the deaths of several children who died of hyperthermia, or suffering a heatstroke in a car. We explain the facts about how quickly a car can heat to deadly temperatures and what steps you can take to prevent future tragedies. We hope to raise awareness about how a simple act of carelessness can result in the death of a beautiful child.
Please note:
For every book that is pre-ordered, $1.00 will be donated to the wonderful organization calledKidsandCars.org. Thank you for your support.


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"Radio Commercial"

Parents Who Killed Their Children: Filicide