Unsolved Serial Killings by R. J. Parker is a fascinating glimpse into the mindsets of cold-blooded serial killers. Complete with F.B.I. stats, profile classifications, and psychotic windows to peer into, this book is about the most horrific of criminals. There are some great examples of unsolved murders that leave the listener wondering, did the killer, stop killing, die, or go to prison on unrelated charges? A spellbinding new audiobook from an author with investigator in his blood!


If you enjoy true crime and especially listening to tales of unsolved serial killings, this is the book for you. It's hard to believe that, at any given time in the United States alone, there are 30 to 50 unidentified active serial killers at work, constantly changing their targets and methods. Some authorities think that number is even much higher.


Unsolved Serial Killings, a number-one best seller, is a compilation of over 20 criminal dossiers on serial killers who were never caught, including:

  • The Zodiac Serial Killer
  • The Frankford Slasher
  • The Original Night Stalker
  • The Rapid City Serial Killer
  • The Babysitter Serial Killer
  • The Highway of Tears Serial Killer
  • The I-70/I-35 Texas Serial Killer
  • And many more

Unsolved Serial Killings

  • "As always, R.J. writes definitively and factually in "Case Closed: Serial Killers Captured." Reading this book, I was amazed at all of the "big-name" serial killers who have been caught. Sometimes we think more about those unsolved cases, but here, R.J. gives us a peek into the lives of serial killers ranging from Gacy to Bundy to the relatively recent discovery of the BTK killer's identity. This is great stuff -- insightful and well written." ~ Carl Hose, Author of Blood Legacy


    "RJ Parker has done it again! It is hard to keep my attention with true crime stories, but this author has no problem doing just that. This is the third book of his that I have read and I love them all. I thought I knew a lot of true crime stories but he keeps surprising me. His books are wonderful and I must go now, to start the next one. Keep up the good work!" ~ Lori Smith, Avid Reader


    "The serial killers that are in this book were the ones that left pain and fear in their wake. This book gives you just enough information on each one without going overboard on each one of them. If you ever wondered just what sentence Daumer or Gacey or any of the other received this book will tell you. Very interesting read." ~ Jennifer Thomas


    "Here's a chilling and engrossing collection of killers, presented with the no nonsense seriousness of Jack Webb in DRAGNET. Perfect for a True Grue Crime fix!" ~ David Bischoff, NY Bestselling Author


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