From underworld gangsters to homegrown terrorists, the Federal Bureau of Investigations has tracked down and arrested some of the most infamous felons in history.

In this 2nd volume of TOP CASES of The FBI, Parker includes more recent and illustrious cases broken down into major criminal categories; Organized Crime and Gangsters, Counterintelligence/Espionage, Violent Crime/Major Thefts/Bank Robberies, Civil Rights, White Collar Crime, and Terrorism.

Some of the more notorious investigations detailed in the book include; Black Dahlia, Hurricane Katrina Fraud, American Traitor Robert Hanssen, Undercover FBI Agent Joseph Pistone, the KKK, and the Anthrax Attacks post 9/11.

Top Cases of the FBI - Volume 2

  • Published: November 13, 2017

    Available in eBook, Paperback & Audiobook

    ISBN: 978-1987902372

    Dimensions: 5" x 8" 

    Pages: 228


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