While he stalked the streets hunting his unsuspecting victims, the residents of a quiet Florida town slept soundly, oblivious to the dark creature in their midst, unaware of the vampire next door.
John Crutchley seemed to be living the American Dream. Good-looking and blessed with a genius level IQ, he had a prestigious, white-collar job at a prominent government defense contractor, where he held top secret security clearance and handled projects for NASA and the Pentagon. To all outward appearances, he was a hard-working, successful family man with a lavish new house, a devoted wife, and a healthy young son.

But, he concealed a hidden side of his personality, a dark secret tied to a hunger for blood and the overriding need to kill. As one of the most prolific serial killers in American history, Crutchley committed at least twelve murders, and possibly nearly three dozen. His IQ ellipsis that of Ted Bundy, and his body count may have as well.  WITH PHOTOS

The Vampire Next Door: True Story of the Vampire Rapist and Serial Killer

  • "A really well done debut; well-researched and deftly told with chilling detail. Should be on every true crime fan bookshelf." - Steve Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of MONSTER and BOGEYMAN


    "Author JT Hunter does a marvelous job of telling the frightening true tale of John Brennan Crutchley. Wonderfully researched and meticulously written, Hunter takes the reader behind the scenes into the criminal investigation with detectives, and later in the courtroom. He tells the incredible story of the serial predator's one surviving victim, and examines the psychopathic mind of Crutchley himself. This is a great debut book from JT Hunter. Well done!" - Dr. Scott Bonn, author of Why We Love Serial Killers


    "Every Detective looks for that one case, this was my case. It became my mission. This book documents exactly what transpired in the John Crutchley case." - Det. Robert Leatherow, Chief of Detectives, Brevard County Sheriff's Office, (Retired) 


    "[An] impressive and riveting debut biography of one of the most prolific serial rapist/killer." - The Boston Globe
    "Compelling and well-written" - True Crime Book Reviews 
    "The disintegration of a seemingly normal, brilliant man into a psychopath so evil, so methodical in his killings, that makes one wonder if he was at all human" - Crime Magazine


    "I have written sixteen true crime books, and have read hundreds. I can honestly say that this book is one of the best, well-written and gripping true stories I've ever read" - RJ Parker, International bestselling and award-winning true crime author


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