Authorities had profiled San Diego’s newest serial killer as a disorganized opportunist. They were wrong. While Serial Killers usually target victims of their own race, Cleophus Prince, Jr. was an African-American who systematically stalked, raped and murdered, white women. Turned out, Prince Jr. was one of California’s most organized and methodical serial killers. He mercilessly held San Diego on edge and in great fear for over a year until finally being apprehended during a burglary in Alabama. Because of the unconventional victims he targeted, his modus operandi and very distinctive signature, law enforcement was stumped and their profiling theories were often wrong. 

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Cleophus Prince, Jr. joined the United States Navy after graduation. A deceivingly normal background and pleasant disposition led most to believe he would do okay in life and to never suspect his darker cravings. But then Prince Jr. began to change. Those violent thoughts and desires plagued his mind and entire being until they became unquenchable. And quench them he did.  INCLUDES PHOTOS

The Clairemont Killer: The True Story of Serial Killer Cleophus Prince, Jr.

  • "This was truly a mind opening amazing read. That any one person could be so horrible is beyond imagination except that this is a true story and it really happened. The book was a fact filled story that tried to explain Cleophus reasoning, logic and a warning as to what the public needs to be aware of and become involved when they see strange things going on around them." - Lynn Demsky


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