**WARNING** This book contains graphic forensic crime scene photos and statements that some may find very disturbing. 


Serial killers; they cross the bounds of evil. They murder at random without logic or reason other than the one twisting in their sick and evil minds. They are diabolical vile creatures devoid of morality or pity. You will meet a chosen few of them in these pages. We will see that serial killers are roaming among us all, from small towns to big cities. They are not limited to a particular place, gene pool, culture, social class or religion. They are not restricted to any particular demographic, political propensity and they can be of any gender.

Five true crime authors come together to present the first annual Serial Killers Anthology which depicts ten horrific cases of serial homicide told in detail, and includes graphic pictures. Each case will take the reader from the background of the serial killer, to the crime scene, investigation, trial, and sentencing.

"The lambs may have stopped screaming, but Hannibal Lecter has nothing on the very 'real' monsters presented here." 

Prologue by Dr. Peter Vronsky
Timothy Krajcir by Dane Ladwig
Frank Spisak by Michael Newton
Robert Pickton by RJ Parker
Mary Bell by Sylvia Perrini
The Bloody Benders by Dane Ladwig
Manuel Pardo by Michael Newton
Anthony Sowell by RJ Parker
Martha Hasel Wise by Sylvia Perrini
Elizabeth Bathory by Michael Newton

Serial Killers True Crime Anthology 2014

  • "To cover such vast territory of the criminal mind is a credit to the dedication a small group of determined authors who possess a passion in true crime and it is evident in the pages of Serial Killers True Crime Anthology 2014, a book you will embrace and come back to repeatedly, I will. I am excitedly anticipating volume two next year." - ★★★★★ John Douglas, FBI Profiler bestseller author of Mind Hunter 


    "Serial killers lend a darkness to humanity seldom exposed or seen by common folk. Understanding they deserve no mercy, introspection, or pardon will be for you the reader to decipher in this excellent first annual Anthology of the horrific." - ★★★★★ Bernard Lee DeLeo, bestselling author


    "The first annual Anthology is fraught with invaluable information and detail for those who want to have a better understanding of the criminal mind. This book is a must read for true crime buffs." - ★★★★★ Joe Bruno, true crime writer


    "This is really a great piece of work, seminal in many respects.  I could see it being used as a textbook in Forensics classes." ... "The SERIAL KILLERS TRUE CRIME ANTHOLOGY 2014 proves once and for all that truth isn't just stranger than fiction, it's also plenty scarier.  This thorough treatise on a truly terrifying subject is as chilling and stomach-churning as it is relevant and timely.  The contributors have fashioned a mind-numbing, masterful work that's destined to become a classic.  The lambs may have stopped screaming, but Hannibal Lecter has nothing on the very real monsters presented here." - ★★★★★ Jon Land, bestselling author of THE TENTH CIRCLE 


    "What a great line up of true crime authors! A must have for fans of true crime stories or those who write mystery and suspense as a means of research." - Tori Scott, bestselling author


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