**WARNING** This book contains photos and graphic statements that some may find very disturbing

Given up for adoption by his mother at only a few weeks old, Robert Black is placed with physically abusive foster parents setting the tone for who, and what, he'd become - a pedophile and serial killer. Starting at the age of five, he recalls being sexually curious and began placing items in his anus at the age of eight. He'd sexually assault hundreds of little girls before committing his first murder. Sadly, as law enforcement stumbled along with no leads or evidence, Robert Black would strike repeatedly destroying families and preying on innocent little girls in the United Kingdom.

Robert Black: The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer

  • "C.L. Swinney writes a good, absorbing story about a horridseries of kidnappings, rapes and murders of very young girls. Robert Black is a tortured soul who was let loose on society to repeatedly abuse young girls. One little girl was left for dead, and escaped. His sexual  abuse of young girls repeatedly earned him nothing more than a slap on thewrist, until emboldened, he began on a horrific journey of rape and murder...one girl was obscenely sexually tortured, then thrown into a river to drown. I could not stop reading this book...absorbing, frightening, sad and all too true." - Danni Smith

    "This book actually has clear, often color photos of thechildren who became victims of this thief of entire lifetimes, innocence andjoy of life. Each victim has a chapter following their unimaginable encounterswith a being that can only be explained as pure Evil incarnated. And that's noexplanation at all. Some of the parents didn't live long enough to see Robert Black caught. If you want to read a book about someone who rapes, tortures, and kills children, this is as good as any." - Kent Smoker

    "Have quite a few already...this is better than reading fiction...I have him on Facebook...that way I can keep up with all releases." - Wanda Bridgeman


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