The Murder That Changed a City - The tragic story of Shoeshine Boy Emanuel Jaques has been the basis of novels, short stories, a documentary, a play, songs, a children’s book on the dangers of abduction, and dozens of essays, but never a True Crime book…until now. 

The torture and killing of Emanuel over a 12-hour period above a seedy Toronto body rub parlour outraged citizens who demanded change to Toronto’s Yonge Street strip, which by 1977 resembled New York’s grimy 42nd Street with its many X-rated movie theatres, massage parlours, pornographic bookstores, and prostitutes. 

Through a series of original interviews, archival research, and previously unpublished documents, author Robert J. Hoshowsky recreates in detail Emanuel’s brutal death, the hunt for the boy’s killers, the shocking trial and press coverage, the controversial Yonge Street clean-up, and what remains one of the most sensational True Crime cases in Canadian history.

OUTRAGED: Murder of Shoeshine Boy Emanuel Jaques that Shocked City of Toronto

  • Robert J. Hoshowsky's most recent True Crime book, OUTRAGED: The Murder of Shoeshine Boy Emanuel Jaques, documents one of the most infamous murders in Canadian history. Set against the seedy backdrop of Toronto's Yonge Street in the 1970s and its many sex shops and body rub parlors, OUTRAGED examines not only Emanuel's brutal death, but the circumstances resulting in Yonge Street's demise and resurrection through extensive original interviews, police and court transcripts, and hundreds of previously unpublished documents and photos.

    The author of three books, Hoshowsky's previous bestsellers include the Arthur Ellis Award-nominated The Last to Die: Ronald Turpin, Arthur Lucas, and the End of Capital Punishment in Canada, and Unsolved: True Canadian Cold Cases.

    Published in over 100 magazines and newspapers worldwide, Hoshowsky has profiled serial killers including Jeffrey Dahmer, John Christie, Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, Sheila Labarre, and Andrei Chikatilo.

    A former Researcher-Reporter at Maclean's magazine, Hoshowsky regularly appears on television discussing unsolved murders and disappearances, most recently as an on-camera expert for Hours to Kill, a new 26-part True Crime murder series airing worldwide.


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