Peter Kurten, a German who'd been sent to prison for deserting his comrades, sat in a cell contemplating what to do when he got out. He had no control within the prison walls and it drove him mad. The things that happened to him while in custody, unlocked oppressed sadistic feelings within Peter, and forced him to unleash a level of sexual deviancy on innocent victims in and around Dusseldorf, Germany, that no one will ever forget.


Young girls, women, and men would succumb to horrific attacks including being bludgeoned by a hammer and stabbed to death. In several instances, Peter admitted to drinking blood from his victims and needing the act of rape and murder to reach orgasm. Oddly, the man lived a double life and his love for his wife drove him to turn himself in. Had he not done so, 'The Monster' would have continued to keep the country locked in fear. for many more years.

Monster: The True Story of Serial Killer Peter Kurten

  • "Great book about German Serial Killer Peter Kurten aka The Vampire of Dusseldorf a lifelong sadist, rapist, child killer and Serial murderer. After being tried, convicted and sentenced to be guillotined he asked the executioner "Do You Think that I'll be able to feel the blood gushing from my severed neck before I Die? I hope so, that would be a pleasure to end all pleasures." Another Great Book by True Crime Author C.L. Swinney" - R. Krystofolski 

    "Mr. Swinney has produced a remarkable book that not only covers the gruesome murders but also seeks answers as to how this monster was created." - B. McKee


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