A Bulgarian arms dealer known as ‘The Ghost’ moves into Harding’s turf with sights on controlling the ports. Supplying terrorist cells with electromagnet pulse weapons capable of blacking out major cities, ‘The Ghost’ puts a bounty on Harding’s West Coast Avengers.

Flooding the area with Boko Haram Nigerian gangsters, and assassins imported to cause havoc amongst the population hits a snag. The terrorist arms dealer’s forces ram head on into an unimpressed Monster Squad of killers they never dreamed existed in politically correct America.

Hard Case 5: Blood and Fear (John Harding Series)

  • Published: February 8, 2015

    Available in eBook, Paperback & Audiobook

    ISBN: 978-1507742938

    Dimensions: 6" x 9" 

    Pages: 360

    Listening Length: 9 hours and 8 minutes


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