The Monsters and Unholies learn the New World Order decided they cannot afford to lose California’s fifty-five electoral votes. If conservative nationalism became the norm in California, it would end everything in the plot of open borders, gun confiscation and corrupt elections, causing a wave of patriotic fervor across the United States. A new title of Democratic Socialism becomes the banner for leftist, anti-American lemmings. The New World Order acolytes slip under the new banner and set to work destroying Governor Florence Brown’s incredible success.

The Democratic Socialist cabal foments attacks to eliminate John and Nick from ending decades long descent into darkness for California with their armed support of Governor Flo’s policies. The Cabal learns in short order they confront men and women who cannot be bought, threatened or driven away. Instead, the Cabal learns murder and mayhem is business as usual with the Monsters and Unholies… and business is good.

Hard Case 13: Raging Fury (John Harding Series)

  • Published: July 5, 2019

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    Pages: 275


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