The Demon Inc crew confront a montage of demons, slime creatures, human predators and romantic entanglements in another episode of horror and hilarious interaction. The usual suspects of paranormal pranks, Demon and Mongo, continue to harass their human companions, while hiding behind their duty as Demon Inc’s morality patrol. Mike thwarts their efforts to some extent, but Demon Inc’s Archives of Lost Souls must be fed at someone’s expense. Miss Teenage America, Ella Santos, working as Demon Inc’s commercial viability consultant, embroils herself into both the terrifying battle Demon Inc wages with evil, and the comedic avoidance of her new nickname: Sin.

A dimensional rift at the original beginning of Demon Inc, the haunted house at the aqueduct, births an ancient evil: an invisible demi-demon: Baal. It needs to find a vessel powerful enough to hold the essence of hell. Stalking Mike from the aqueduct, where the Demon Inc crew closed the dimensional rift, inadvertently setting Baal free, the Prince of Hell seeks a way past Mike’s shielding darkness. Baal enlists the easily controlled snowflake, mommy’s basement dwellers. Their hatred of Mike becomes a tool for Baal, but for Demon Inc, Baal is just another day at the paranormal park. Demon Inc recruits a beautiful fake news reporter, Darla Mason, when Mike’s darkness overwhelms both Mike and Darla to create the hottest addition to the Demon Inc Archive of Lost Souls ever recorded by the prank brothers: Demon and Mongo.

Demon (Book 9) The Price of Darkness (Mike Rawlins and Demon the Dog)

  • Published: December 26, 2018

    Available in eBook 

    Pages: 205


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