Mike, Demon and Mongo/Baby Groot lead the Demon Inc crew into battle once again. Halloween and All Souls Day herald a series of rescues, warring with an MS-13 rape gang, a vicious Jinn called an Ifrit, and welcoming Demon Inc’s new marketing liaison, Miss Teenage America, Ella Santos. Ella joins Demon Inc, hoping for a road to TV and movie stardom. Instead, she finds dedicated soldiers fighting horrific creatures and demons, led by a paranormal trio of unstoppable heroes.

Demon Inc’s FBI handler, Alisha Navarone, must solve an anomaly near Ella’s hometown of Olatha, Kansas. Workers and travelers at New Century Air Center, housing the infamous haunted Hangar 43, report sightings of another world, blinking in and out of reality near the hangar. Demon Inc’s weapons master and IT specialist, Denny Stossle, discovers the area readings near New Century Air Center indicate a weakness in the dimensional wall. Agent Navarone launches Demon Inc to stop a cataclysmic dimensional war.

Demon (Book 8) If Darkness Calls (Mike Rawlins and Demon the Dog)

  • Published: June 21, 2018

    Available in eBook 

    Pages: 338


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