Mike, Demon, Mongo (Baby Groot) George, and their crew at Demon Inc help another coma victim, finding a witch thread leading back to Satanist Rayden Kirk. Rayden believes he can take Mike on, having used demons to torture and terrorize innocent people, snatched by Kirk and his newly created golem. In return, the demons multiply Rayden Kirk’s power. Rayden programs the golem’s goal and purpose to be Mike’s death.

The Demon Inc Crew take on all comers in this episode, including Kirk’s mentor, who calls himself Lucifer. Stray Radalia monsters from their hell dimension, conjured slime demons, gangsters, witches, and religious mutants, all try to end Demon Inc. They run headlong into disaster, trying to defeat the unrelenting teen dimensional guardians. Mike’s mutating powers continue to frighten away the unprepared, while attracting new romance, problems and adjustments.

Demon (Book 7) Disciples of Darkness (Mike Rawlins and Demon the Dog)

  • Published: December 12, 2017

    Available in eBook 

    Pages: 307


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