The author delves into the gritty, gruesome details of the most notorious Cold Blooded Killers the world has ever seen, like Edmund Kemper who decapitated his mother's head; used it as a dartboard, had oral sex with it, and then cut out her voice box and placed it in the garbage disposal. Michael Alborgeden who at the age of 14 just couldn't take the humiliation anymore and killed his father. School shootings we are all too familiar with as it's happening much too often. Read about Columbine and Virginia Tech in this book.

Cold Blooded Killers: School Shootings, Kids who Kill, Mass Murders, Spree Kille

  • "This box set it not just filled with murder and killing it is full of information. Once again Author RJ Parker has filled his books with incredible research and gives you a look not only into the killers themselves but a small glimpse into the world of madness it takes to be one of these Cold Blooded Killers." ~ Jenn Thomas


    "Wonderful, insightful books. I have all of RJ Parker's books. Reading these books you feel like a fly on the wall, seeing hearing everything. I would highly recommend Cold Blooded Killers Boxed Set." ~ Willow


    "Reading this series was very informing. learned many new facts about these tragic events. Some were familiar like the Luby's Massacre and the Fort Hood shootings and some I had never read or heard about, such as: Marc Lepine, Jeff Weise (Red Lake High School Massacre) to the Belsan School hostage crisis in Russia which lasted 3 days. In light of our current events these books bring the knowledge that mental health issues and not gun control are issues not only in America but all over the world." ~ Joan Harris


    "I highly recommend reading the book series Cold Blooded Killers. RJ gives detailed information on some disturbed people who kill with no remorse and others who were brought up in unstable homes with no love, they see no way out." ~ Larry Hollis


    "Very great read so chilling the minds of these killers a must read so worth the time helps you understand the complex minds of these killers." ~ Budda


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