A janitor finds a maggot infested torso in a suitcase. Body parts are mailed to government officials. A videotape of the murder and dismemberment is uploaded to Bestgore and seen by thousands. The psychopath fleas the country and an international manhunt begins.

This is the true story of a Porn actor and his gruesome attempt to gain recognition.

WITH PHOTOS (Warning: Crime scene photos included that some might find disturbing).

Canadian Psycho: Luka Magnotta (Crimes Canada Vol 5)

  • "A whole new level of sick, the twisted and revolting journey Magnotta took to achieve his dreams shocked the world." - TheWomanCondemned.com


    "An account of possibly the most diabolical killer in Canada; this time, it's the true story. Handsome, charming, and deadly, Luke Magnotta managed to charm many ... but it became a deadly game." - Bestselling True Crime Author and Criminologist, Judith Yates - "When Nashville Bled", "The Devil You Know"


    "Luke Magnotta desperately craved attention...so much so he did the unthinkable and unmentionable to gain instant stardom. Volume 5 in the Crimes Canada series continues to educate and impress readers. Cara Lee Carter writes a detailed account of "Canadian Psycho," aka Luke Magnotta, that won't disappoint even savvy true-crime fans." - Bestselling Author, CL Swinney - "The Bill Dix Detective Series", "Robert Pickton: The Pig Farmer" Killer


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