Cyberbullying, harassment, embarrassing others, tormenting, threatening or humiliating, and spousal abuse are all considered 'bullying.' It happens to children, teens, and adults. It occurs in pre-school, elementary school, college, home, and in the workplace. It is apparent in all walks of life. Bullying occurs in every town, city, state, province and country. It has many ugly faces, that is getting uglier by the day. 

With today's technology, mobile phones, internet, and social media, bullying has become easier, more widespread and long lasting. Its’ effects are destructive, brutal, and in some cases, even fatal. 

Even though bullying is found in many facets of today’s society, Beyond Sticks and Stones focuses mainly on children, teens and young students. For the most part, this is where the deviant behavior commences and for many, carries over into their adult lives. This book is a valuable tool for parents, teachers and anyone who could or should take action against bullying.

Beyond Sticks and Stones: Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Abuse

  • ★★★★★ "It's no secret that bullying is a serious issue for today's youth. With newer technologies giving cyberbullies more tools to work with, and the terrifying reality of bullycide (children killing themselves after being bullied), it's important for parents to be in the know on this topic. This book may be brief, but it is jam packed with important info about the history and different types of bullying, as well as signs parents should keep an eye out for if they suspect their child may be being bullied. The end of the book also highlights important bullying cases that have been in the news over the past few years. Great read for anyone looking to learn more about bullying!" - JennyS


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