BAT MASTERSON – Old West Gunfighter. Writer. American legend.

Nearly 100 years since his death, Bat Masterson still holds great influence. Remembered by many for his adventures in America’s Old West - buffalo hunter, scout, gunfighter, and even lawman as Dodge City sheriff. in 20th Century New York City he became a sportswriter. However, Masterson left a legacy that is much more intricate.

Masterson always stood up for the underdog. And his real legacy was how he fought for them. After the days of the Old West were over, he laid down his gun and picked up his pen. So great was his writing that he was vastly respected for his opinions on many topics of the day including, crime, politics, and war.

But Bat Masterson had a secret. One that he kept well-hidden his entire life. For if known, he and all those he cared about would be ruined. His reputation and all that he worked for in his life would be in tatters.

In “Bat Masterson: The First Dreamer,” Fred Rosen reveals that secret for the first time ever, and at a pivotal time in America. A time when dangerous government-driven policies can have very negative impacts on our way of life. Making us realize things aren’t always as they seem.

Bat Masterson: The First Dreamer

  • I love writing narrative non-fiction. True crime and history have been my metier.

    I became a writer on a warm, bright fall night at about one in the morning at USC's film school. I was studying for my Master of Fine Arts when my editing teacher, Ken Robinson, said, "You're a writer aren't you?" He was challenging me on something I had written. And from that moment, I knew that I was one.

    Earlier in my career, under the name "Frederic W. Rosen," I was the Camera columnist for The New York Times. Later, I was a journalism professor at Hofstra University and most recently a film professor at the New York Institute of Technology. I eventually was offered the opportunity to write a true crime book and ran with it.

    Lobster Boy, Body Dump, There But For the Grace of God, The Historical Atlas of American Crime and Trails of Death are among the 25 books I have written and published. I get involved with the cases and people I write about. It's the only way I know.


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