New Releases from RJ Parker, Alan R. Warren & Bernard Lee DeLeo

Happy weekend faithful readers! Just popping in to let you know about our latest releases here at RJ Parker Publishing.

We have two new crime fiction books from Bernard Lee DeLeo. The man is a writing machine! Read the latest in the Rick Cantelli PI series, and another in the world of Nick McCarthy and his team of assassins.

We also have a new true crime describing the unthinkable, but oh so very real world of human trafficking by bestselling authors RJ Parker and Alan R. Warren.

If you've read these already, we'd love to hear what you thought. You can post an honest review on Amazon and we'll be most grateful! Reviews really help our authors to keep writing and stay motivated.

Happy reading!


New in the Rick Cantelli Series...

Rick and Lois continue training sixteen-year-old Jim into the business. They take him on his first tracking mission into the Palomar Mountains after a serial rapist/killer, with Rick teaching him tracking skills and noiseless pursuit. Cantelli-land heats up once again with lost teenagers, dangerous movie sites, and Cartels buying their drug runners way across the border, compliments of a corrupt mayor. Add in showdowns with politically correct dupes, gunfights, and plenty of humor to herald yet another cycle of death. 

Ellen steps more into the role of Jim’s handler, as he tries dating Leah in a more teenage manner, while having an affair with Temple’s stunt double Maya. The mounting confrontations involving Jim invokes Lois’s pronouncement labeling Jim as a Jinx Cantelli Jr. Rick begins to think she may be right.

New in the Nick McCarty Series...

No one gets serious about illegal alien invaders from South of the Border like the Monsters and Unholies. Nick receives a friend’s plea on the Arizona border and answers it in Terminator mayhem. The border war expands into the states, as assassin teams, enabled by Cartel owned American politicos meet a network of killers prepared to end the new threat no matter what the consequences. 

Captain Hook, the great white shark who adopted John Harding, and Harding’s son, Kade, bond beyond the paranormal. Hook sees the youngster as a mini-me of John Harding, receiving the youngster into his scope as one to be accepted completely. Gangs, traitors, and treasonous ghouls all make their play against an array of American patriots, hell bent on regaining our lost land.

New True Crime from RJ Parker & Alan R. Warren

Human trafficking is the trade of people for forced labor or sex. It also includes the illegal extraction of human organs and tissues. And it is an extremely ruthless and dangerous industry plaguing our world today.

Most believe human trafficking occurs in countries with no human rights legislation. This is a myth. All types of human trafficking are alive and well in most of the developed countries of the world like the United States, Canada, and the UK. It is estimated that $150 billion a year is generated in the forced labor industry alone. It is also believed that 21 million people are trapped in modern day slavery – exploited for sex, labor, or organs.

Most also believe since they live in a free country, there is built-in protection against such illegal practices. But for many, this is not the case. Traffickers tend to focus on the most vulnerable in our society, but trafficking can happen to anyone. You will see how easy it can happen in the stories included in “In Chains.”

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