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Happy Monday faithful readers! Just popping into your mailbox to let you know about our July releases here at RJ Parker Publishing.

We have two new crime fiction books from Bernard Lee DeLeo. Did I mention the man is a writing machine? Read about what the Monsters and the Unholies are up to in the latest John Harding Hard Case series. Or if fast-paced paranormal action is your thing, check out what Mike and his Demon crew are up to in latest Demon series.

Reader's favourite Chris Swinney is back with another true crime for us. This one tells the sordid story of serial killer Jon Scott Dunkle. There's not much written about him so this is your chance to catch up. This guy believes the CIA has a computer installed in his brain and a phone in his arm. Is he playacting or is it real? Pick up Chris' latest and let us know what you think.

Happy reading!

Kat & RJ

New in the John Harding Hard Case Series...

The Monsters and Unholies learn the New World Order decided they cannot afford to lose California’s fifty-five electoral votes. If conservative nationalism became the norm in California, it would end everything in the plot of open borders, gun confiscation and corrupt elections, causing a wave of patriotic fervor across the United States. A new title of Democratic Socialism becomes the banner for leftist, anti-American lemmings. The New World Order acolytes slip under the new banner and set to work destroying Governor Florence Brown’s incredible success.

The Democratic Socialist cabal foments attacks to eliminate John and Nick from ending decades long descent into darkness for California with their armed support of Governor Flo’s policies. The Cabal learns in short order they confront men and women who cannot be bought, threatened or driven away. Instead, the Cabal learns murder and mayhem is business as usual with the Monsters and Unholies… and business is good.

New in the Demon Series...

Mike and the Demon Inc crew take on Vampires, unearthed during a San Francisco construction zone project, on the site of an old church. Mongo goes undercover in more ways than one to find and destroy the murderous Ivan, rampaging through San Francisco. 

No rest for the weary as the crew takes on a sitting Judge Kaira Primrose, running her own Witches coven set in Berkeley, trying to silence a young woman Demon Inc rescued from a Witch induced coma. With Christmas only days away, the gang must fight the Antifa loons the Witch has in thrall and her conjured she-demon, Rangda, who has the power to mask Radalia Haunt portal openings. As Demon says, ‘we ain’t here to pitch pennies on the street corner’.

New True Crime from C.L. Swinney

The Peninsula. A region in California that separates many towns and cities south of San Francisco from the Pacific Ocean. While some parts of the Peninsula are densely populated, others are home to very tight-knit communities. Belmont is one of the smaller ones. So, when serial killer Jon Scott Dunkle emerged in the early 1980s and started preying on teenage boys, the town was in the grips of terror.   Depending on who you talked to, Jon Scott Dunkle was either sane or insane, an overgrown kid or an evil genius. One moment, Dunkle would outsmart law enforcement by participating in searches for missing boys he murdered without giving away a hint that he was the killer. In the next moment, he was injecting bacon grease into his penis. Psychologists would eventually diagnose him as a Paranoid Schizophrenic.   When the dust settled, Jon Scott Dunkle would be charged with three murders, and two attempted murders, leaving a grieving town confused and angry.

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