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Evil Guardian by Scott Bonn



The Staircase: The Murder of Kathleen Peterson

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By JJ Slate

Bestseller True Crime Author of Missing Wives, Missing Lives and

Till Death Do Us Part


RJ and I met through my love for true crime. I had read numerous books of his and was avidly following his success on Facebook and Twitter. In early 2014, we struck up a casual conversation, in which I talked about the types of true crime I was really interested in, missing persons and cold cases, while at the same time lamenting over the fact that most books written about those cases are typically just devoted to one case. This led to more conversations on the topic, which led to RJ talking me into writing a book about something that has held my interest for years--missing wives and their suspect husbands.

As I began writing and RJ read my drafts, we began to see that we worked incredibly well together as a team and this simply couldn't be just a one-time project. We soon decided to co-author another book together, Social Media Monsters, and RJ gave me the space and guidance to pinpoint other areas of my interests for potential new projects. We already have several ideas lined up for 2015 and 2016.

When Missing Wives, Missing Lives published in June of 2014, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. After all, this was my first book, and I have heard story after story about the difficulties other first-time authors face, especially with just one single book. Here is where having RJ's support and publishing banner (RJ Parker Publishing, Inc.) really made a difference. In a matter of weeks, my book was showing up as the #1 bestseller on Amazon in multiple categories, including True Crime, Violence in Society, Dysfunctional Relationships, Forensic Psychology, and Biography of Criminals. By August, I was ranking in the top 100 authors under several categories, including Biographies and Memoirs and History. His marketing and promotional skills got me there.

RJ is not just my publisher. He has truly become a mentor and a friend to me as I have embarked on this new endeavor in my life. It is an honor and a privilege to work with him and publish my writing under his banner.


By Bernard Lee DeLeo

Bestseller author of over twenty-five books

Top 100 ranked authors on Amazon in Thrillers


In early 2012, I received an e-mail about a bestselling True Crime author, interested in reading and reviewing my Wild Child Publishing released novel, Cold Blooded. That author was RJ Parker. So unknown at the time I had trouble selling even a few copies of Cold Blooded a month, I jumped at the chance to have a successful author review my novel. Mr. Parker loved Cold Blooded, and gave it a stunning five star review. I immediately offered to send him my self-published novels for reading and reviewing at his convenience. He read and reviewed each one in a way I knew could only come from a reader perceiving my intent in each novel. He was already selling thousands of his True Crime novels, and I could tell right away RJ Parker was a talented and hardworking marketer, one of the best I had ever met.

I had completed a novel I called Hard Case, and could not get any mainstream publisher to take it on. I offered Mr. Parker a partnership. We would release and market Hard Case together. He wanted to expand into publishing, and other marketing arenas, so he was very receptive. He read and loved Hard Case, so we released it on Amazon under the banner of RJ Parker Publishing. The name recognition game, a key ingredient to success, eluded me in spite of Mr. Parker’s incredible efforts on my behalf. We were patient. I kept producing novels under his publishing banner with The Protectors, and in September of 2012, the sequel to Hard Case – Voyage of the Damned. Hard Case, Book II: Voyage of the Damned rocketed into Amazon bestseller range. We could not pinpoint what had done it, but RJ Parker and I vowed to continue everything we were doing without letup.

We were already good friends, and brothers in arms by that time, having dealt with marketing woes, and the inevitable Amazon Marketplace scourge: the Book Killers. I requested RJ Parker become my agent and representative for marketing the other novels I had already self-published, along with publishing all of my future novels. He agreed with his usual humor and excitement. In 2013, he became my full time agent/publisher/publicist. My self-published novels sold in numbers I had never achieved on my own. The novels he published under RJ Parker Publishing, Hard Case, Book III: Voyage of the Damned, Rick Cantelli, P.I., and Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book II: Deadly Liaisons became Amazon bestsellers in 2013. I am now working on Hard Case Book IV: A Violent Life, which will be released by RJ Parker Publishing in early spring.

Success is an elusive beast in today’s publishing wild west show. My partner, RJ Parker and I take nothing for granted. I also know without him, I would still be counting my monthly sales on my ten fingers. As my agent/publisher/publicist he is innovative, driven, and diligent. In the space of just over a year, we have garnered the attention of even the traditional publishing world. It has been an honor knowing him.